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How to Clean Frosted Shower Doors

Frosted glass is both a lovely and puzzling addition to your house. Despite its attractiveness, frosted glass can be tiring to maintain in pristine conditions. Do you want to know how to clean frosted shower doors in an upright condition? To retain the frosted glass’s aesthetic value, let’s talk about the best methods for cleaning it. We’ll go over the excellent practices for maintaining a spotless surface. Also you can also get in touch with the professionals of AQ Glass Arizona Shower Door for further help and discussion.

List of Materials Needed

How to clean frosted shower doors

The major step in keeping your frosted glass looking as delightful as the day it was installed is to purchase all of the essential cleaning supplies.

  • Glass is best cleaned with cleansers made with chemicals that are ammonia- or alkaline-based. It evaporates more quickly than competing cleaning products. Thus, ammonia reduces the likelihood of streaking and the residue it leaves behind. The best standby for ammonia is using an alkaline-based glass cleaner.
  • Unlike fabric rags or dishtowels, paper towels won’t leave behind any fibers when you use them to clean frosted glass.
  • Drying frosty glass with a microfiber cloth can be a delicate process. This is because the glass is so gentle. Microfiber towels are the finest option since they won’t leave marks on your glass.

Apply the spray and wait for a while

Before you wait for the ammonia to dry, spray the frosted windows. If there is any soap residue or debris on the frosted glass, the ammonia will loosen it as it sits there. You can avoid scratches and excessive wiping by spraying ammonia and waiting a few minutes for it to sit.

Wipe by using a paper towel

When the ammonia has completed its job of frosting the window or extra glass surface, wipe it down using a paper towel. If you want to retain streaks at bay, wipe them in a circular direction. To begin, use a paper towel. It is coarse enough to remove dirt and grime without damaging the glass. In contrast to competing drying cloths, it will not trap tiny fibers or residue.

Use microfiber for a finishing touch

Always use a microfiber cloth to provide the finishing touches after you’ve used a paper towel to remove the initial ammonia and grime. A microfiber cloth is ideal for removing any lingering dirt or cleanser. It won’t leave behind any fibers or particles. For optimal results, never use a microfiber cloth without first using a paper towel.

How to Clean Frosted Shower Doors - Necessary Precautionary Measures

  • First of all, when washing your frosted glass, stay away from harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaning instruments. These may harm the surface in some way. Thus, this makes it more prone to future dirt accumulation. Use mild cleaning agents and absorbent cloths instead.
  • The second step is to use a squeegee to remove any excess water from the frosted glass surface after a shower or bath. This can help in avoiding the formation of minerals and watermarks, which are only sometimes easy to eliminate, even after diligent cleaning.
  • Thirdly, think about putting a protective coating on the frosted glass if it’s in a heavily populated area. This can make it easier to clean as well as maintain in the long run by stopping scuffs and other forms of damage.


Frosted glass is equally aesthetically pleasing and functionally convenient for any house. However, frost can quickly turn grimy if you don’t clean it. Cleaning frosted glass is relatively simple if you have the correct tools and the correct knowledge. If you follow our instructions, you can have frosted glass that is both private and beautiful. You can get in touch with the professionals of AQ glass AZ for futrther assistance. Let contact us !

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